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Search Engine Optimization.

seo in a nut shell

Today, 97% of consumers and businesses search the internet before they buy a product or service. If they’re not finding you during their searches, then there is no doubt about it; You are losing business.

Google is is constantly evolving, now measuring user engagement on your website and the relevance and performance of your site. This means it is no longer a option to solely develop strategies on content and keywords. To increase your search visibility, there needs to be a deeper focus on perfecting your user experience.

Our SEO services

SEO Strategy

The Malone methodology is and always will be; data is Queen. This means, we are focused on researching and collecting as much information on your customers, competitors and your search engine landscape. Allowing us to have a deeper understanding of your existing demands and how to meet them. allowing us to select the right SEO strategy to help achieve your goals.

To ensure SEO success, all activity is carefully planned and monitored to ensure it returns actual value to your business or brand.

We can give you all the ingredients that search engines are looking for. Some of these ingredients are:

Website Performance Testing
User Engagement Evaluation
Keyword Research
Customer Research
Competitive Research & Analysis
Link Building & Outreach campaign
Technical SEO
Local SEO
Reporting & Analysis

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